SG Classics

Enjoying the gift of seasoned friendship

SG Classics - who are we?

The SG Classics are a group of older Christians (50+) within our church, who have entered a season of life where our children have grown up and are mostly independent. Many of us are retired after long careers and the grandchildren are appearing in ever increasing numbers!

We gather about four times a year around a cuppa to chat and pray. We share with each other the burdens that are sometimes on our heart; things that others in the group have also lived through such as troubled children, death of a spouse, medical issues and spiritual attacks on our faith. We also pray for our Pastoral Team and the leaders of our Gospel Communities. Praying and caring is the primary reason for coming together. 

A few times a year, we also have social times with a fellowship tea or restaurant dinner somewhere. This does not replace the sharing and fellowship we have with our multi-aged Gospel Communities, but SG Classics is a blessing for everyone involved!

We hope you can join us!